Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey!

*As always nothing has been changed in these introductions, they are copied & pasted exactly as I received them. 

"Hey baby, I'm XXXXXX and I see we are a match. Glad we actually are. Anyway since we both found ourselves on here and evidently we happen to match each other. Why waste time then? If you don't mind Can I get to know you more? I will be expecting to read from you,if that's a YES. I will sure be looking forward to reading from you soon. I care."

-For the record, "Hey baby" doesn't really work for me as an introduction. It is nice to you that "you care," but truthfully I don't, so this is goodbye.

"good heart man looking for a good hearted womam, got to have honesty and faithfulness, liars and pillheads i do not reply to me, my boys are my live, they are 5, 6yrs old. looking for the lady who dont care to get there hands dirty or there feet wet, i try to led a simple and fun life"

-While I'm not a "pillhead" nor a "liar," I don't think that I could ever be "womam" enough for you. As for the rest of this introduction, I'm going to require that you take an English 101 class before we procedd any further. I'm rendered speechless at this point in our relationship.

"hi , iam an outgoing pervert lookn for a sexy female
i, love sports , sports ,sports,also i like to eat good food.i like spending time with family.my family is my favorite fans.football is my favorite sport piitsssbuurge to be exact.i am very funny and outgoing i am jus learning about the computer bare with me
somebody i can trust and depend on. someone i can go out with, with a worry bone in her body. some one who just want to have fun with out daddy dramma. some one i can call my baby,friend,lover .someone who would introduce me to her family"

-I think it's a little too soon to introduce you to my family, I'm not so much into the "outgoing pervert" type, my favorite "sport" is not "piitsssbuurge," it's daalllass & this introduction makes every bone in my body worry!

"hello sexy, how are u today"

-Hello stupid, u r n idiot.

"Hi, Im new to this. Was married for 20 years until a death occuered."

-How did said death "occuer?" I'm frightened of you!

"How are you? What do you do that makes you a dare devil? Do you jump sharks on water skis? I'm not much of a dare devil, I was more of one when I was younger but ever since I gained that sense of mortality, I am a little more cautious."

-Oh my God, you've seen my show at Sea World where I do actually jump sharks on water skis! The mystique is gone, we can't continue on like this. 

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