Friday, June 15, 2012

A Note From Peter: Proving that Chivalry is not Dead!

Sometimes you get rejected in this whole dating game kind of thing and that's ok. I didn't seek this gentleman out, because I was taught long ago as a southern girl, we never make the first move, if a man is truly interested, he will make himself known. This man didn't have to send me any correspondence whatsoever, but he did and it was appreciated. So I raise a glass to you Peter. May you find the love of your life in your current dating situation and "Cheers" to proving that there may still be hope in the world that a few good men really do exist!


The good news: 
Your smile and what your profile says did it for me. I can relate to what 
it says and I'd go for a coffee or a glass of wine in a heartbeat. 

The bad news (well maybe not so bad): 

I have started to date someone and I don't date more than one person at a time. My subscription is about to run out, and I've been letting it coast for the last two months. You are actually the only person I've responded to since starting my relationship. It's because you're that interesting!

I had one relationship on here before meeting the person I'm with now. She broke my heart. I doubt this person will do the same. If she did however, I suspect you would be the first person I would try to find ;) 

I hope your not put off by my candor LOL. 

I wish you the very best in your search. It can be very 
discouraging at times, but you can find the special someone on 


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